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South St. Paul Future Incorporated emerged as a response to the closure of the Swift & Company plant and Armours in South St. Paul. This private lending organization was founded by local business leaders with a philanthropic mission. Here are the key details:

Purpose: South St. Paul Future Inc. aims to support the community by providing financial assistance to qualified firms within the city.
Funding: The organization is funded through common stock purchased by individuals in South St. Paul. However, shareholders do not receive dividends or capital appreciation from holding this stock.
Loan Services: Future Inc. offers competitive fixed asset financing to eligible businesses. Whether it’s for new equipment, expansion, startup costs, or acquisitions, they step in to fill the gap left by traditional funding sources.
Giving Back: South St. Paul Future actively contributes to education. They support the South St. Paul Educational Foundation, which provides exceptional educational opportunities, scholarships for graduating seniors, and alumni relations within the school district.
In summary, South St. Paul Future Incorporated combines financial support with a commitment to community well-being, ensuring that businesses thrive and educational opportunities flourish in the city.

“SSP Future helped finance the build-out of our new manufacturing facility in the Bridgepoint Business Park.”

Kelton Glewwe – Roadware Inc

“SSP Future believed in me and believed in my business. They lent me the money I needed to get started.”

Anonymous Business – South St Paul

South St. Paul Future Inc. is a private, non-for-profit corporation that plays a crucial role in supporting local businesses within the City of South St. Paul. Their mission is to facilitate economic development and growth by providing competitive fixed-rate asset financing to qualified firms. Let’s break down what this means:

Asset Financing: South St. Paul Future Inc. specializes in financing assets. Whether you’re looking to purchase new equipment, expand your operations, cover startup costs, or acquire additional resources, they’ve got you covered.

Qualification Criteria: To be eligible for their financing solutions, your business must operate within the City of South St. Paul. If you meet this criterion, you can explore the various financing options they offer.

Competitive Rates: South St. Paul Future Inc. ensures that their interest rates are competitive, making it an attractive choice for businesses seeking financial support.

Next Steps: If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, SSP Future is here to guide you. Reach out to us to discuss your project, evaluate funding opportunities, and move your development plans from concept to reality. Remember, whether you’re a startup or an established firm, South St. Paul Future Inc. is committed to helping you succeed!

About Us

Following the closing of the Swift & Company plant and Armours soon after, South St. Paul business leaders came together and established a private lending organization, South St. Paul Future Incorporated. Future Inc. is funded through common stock purchased by the individuals of South St. Paul. The shareholders receive no dividends or capital appreciation through holding the stock, it is solely for a philanthropic purpose.

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To apply, prepare to submit the following:

  • Loan Application
  • Introduction Letter
  • Basic Business Plan
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